In art, a commission is the act of requesting the creation of a piece, often on behalf of another. At the Atelier Artwork may be commissioned by private individuals to create original and unique portraits of themselves, Family and those special animals in your life.

It is important to meet with the portrait subject a minimum of two or three times to get a feel of their personality and demeanor. After discussing how the portrait is to be done, a photo shoot is planned to capture certain details of the subject. Upon signing the contract the portrait procedure is started.        Intermittent photos of the progress will be sent to the client for approval. A final visit to or from the client will be necessary for final approval.

Price Guide

  • Prices are for life size portraits
  • oil on fine linen canvas.
  • 16″X20″ head & shoulders  $3,500
  • 18″x24″ head & shoulders   $3,800
  • 3/4 length to the knees  28″X44″ $5,000
  • Full body up to 48″  $8.000+

A 50% deposit is required on all commissions. Balance Due upon completion.  1 to 6 months is required to complete a portrait depending on the artists schedule and the size and content of the portrait.